Too Short but Okay- Vampire in the Garden Anime Review

“It’s been a long winter for mankind, overthrown from its place of dominance after being defeated in the great war against vampires.
A small city-state protected by a massive wall of light has become one of the last strongholds of the human race -its leaders determined to regain control over the world they have lost.

But within the oppressive city walls, young Momo dreams of a peaceful coexistence with humans’ greatest foe.
On the other side, vampire queen Fine, who once loved a human, has decided to desert the battlefield.
Seen as betrayers by their own kind, the two have a fateful encounter during yet another savage battle. Together they start a journey in search of “Eden,” an utopic garden of peace that old stories are whispering about, but no-one has ever seen…” – MAL Synopsis

Episodes: 5 – Studio: Wit Studio – Dub/Sub – Aired: May 16, 2022 – Finished – MAL Rating: 7.17 – Genres: Vampire

Vampire in the garden was an interesting watch that instantly captivated me in the first episode with its story, unique world, and premise. All of which held up until the end but just fell short of being great because of episode length.

Instantly, the dynamic of this anime’s world hooked me. It reminded me of another show that I like a lot, which is Seraph of the End. A world divided into Vampires and Humans where humans are on the back foot is really interesting. Additionally, the way they present both societies is a neat dynamic. The vampires are high society whereas the humans are on the back foot and have stripped away all leisure, pleasure, and culture to fight the vampires and that’s where my favorite part about this show comes into play, the music. Music connects the two main characters. Some of the human’s intrest in it and yearn to have it and the vampires love for it and full embrace of it. I really enjoyed that aspect because music is one of my favorite things in life and truly brings us all together. Once the two main characters are together, they go on a quest to find a paradise where humans and vampires can live together, and it goes about as you’d expect. My major gripe with the show is that 5 episodes didn’t feel like enough to flesh out backstories, and side characters, and it just makes the generic plot twist feel ever more meh.

The two main characters were cool. I enjoyed their dynamic was fun and as I said before, I just wanted to see more of them. I wanted to see more of the vampire’s backstory and I wanted to see more of the girls’ families and the politics surrounding the whole situation. What we did get was fun, and charming. Their relationship felt pretty natural and with that being the backbone of the entire anime it was crucial that the story nailed that aspect and it did.

The animation and music were excellent. Aside from some funkiness here and there, this was very pleasing to look at. The snowy scenery and some of the other locations looked great and the general aesthetic of the world was nice. The music was amazing, soothing, and fit the vibe. Everything complimented each other, which really helped nail the tone and feel of this world and from scene to scene.

So yeah, this is a neat little anime with a lot of cool stuff in it, but it all falls a bit short because of its 5 episodes length. It could’ve easily been 5 times the episode count and I think I would’ve enjoyed that a lot more with more world and character building. As it stands though, it’s too short but okay.

Vampire in the Garden – 6/10

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