Top 10 Black Clover Fights Ranked!

My 3rd Black Clover post in a day, but what I can say I love this show. While the animation isn’t that great a lot of the time. When a fight comes up in Black Clover, it’s a pretty good chance there’s gonna be some fire sakuga fight scenes. Mix that great animation with a great soundtrack, and great emotional impact. Sheesh, I could watch these all day. Going through all of these fights it’s crazy how many good to great ones there are. Enough for me to at least make two of these so no honorable mentions this time.

#10 – Yuno vs. Rill

Episode 84

This was just a fun fight. Our first fight with Rill and he didn’t disappoint. Yuno was impressive but it was cool to see one of the captains and his magic. Which is really versatile and strong. The fact that there were no heavy stakes in this fight it was just fun really adds to it. Rill was having fun, Yuno was going all out. We got some good Rill backstory around this fight too which was nice.

#9 – First Wizard King vs. Demon

Ep 118

After 118 episodes we finally get to see the full moment in the intro. This fight holds so much weight after seeing part of it for so long, then getting the full inciting incident before this. While it does look great the build-up to this fight is what really makes it.

#8 – Mereleona vs. Raia

Ep 91

Mereleona is the goat. I love Raia. The fight above may mean more to the story but personally I these are two of my favorite characters in the show going at full strength. So it just edges out the Wizard King fight.

#7 – Finral vs. Langris

Ep 80

We got a lot of Finral backstory leading up to and a little during this fight. Which obviously adds a lot to it. The fact that Langris was so deranged during this. He was really off the deep end. Filled with hate and jealousy towards his brother. This fight is great. The clip above doesn’t include it but this fight has one of this shows best moments when the Black Bulls blitz Langris. It was hype, it was brutal, and it held a lot of emotional weight.

#6 – Asta vs. Ladros

Ep 63

This fight is somewhat akin to when Naruto fought Pain. Not only do they have a similar animation, but the Asta goes completely berserk just like Naruto did. Ladros definitely isn’t Pain, not even close. But he got everything that was coming to him. The part where Asta is walking towards the camera with the fire behind him is outstanding.

#5 – Yami vs. Licht

Ep 35

The first fight we get to see “Licht” in and he didn’t disappoint. It’s kind of neat that Licht has light magic versus Yami who has dark magic. Yami surpassing his limits for the first time was so cool. Seeing him be somewhat on par with Licht when everyone else wasn’t even close perfectly showed the current power levels. Cool fight through and through.

#4 – Magic Knight Captain Team Fight

Ep 151

Opening 12 had me completely hype for this moment. At this point, it had been a little while since we saw some of the captain’s fight. It was cool seeing them go all out against each other. It definitely helped put into perspective the strength differences between them all.

#3 – Wizard King vs. Patry

Ep 92

Correct me if I’m wrong but this is the only major fight the current Wizard King has ever had if I’m not mistaken. This fight had it all. The animation is outstanding. The dialogue was great. We get to see Juliu’s time magic. Then the end of this fight was tough. This fight could possibly be seen as the turning point for the series. Stuff got very real this arc and this was one of the pinnacles.

#2 – Asta vs. Leibe

Ep 170

Asta versus Leibe is peak, Black Clover. While I may have another fight below it. This one could easily be number 1. Leibe’s backstory and Asta’s determination are the emotional high points of the show. Seeing Asta fight with Yami’s sword without the anti-magic. Him using all the techniques from the amazing warriors that fought with swords that he’s encountered. All to beat of Haruka Mirai. This was Black Clover at its best.

#1 – Asta & Yami vs. Dante

Ep 167

Just ever so slightly edging out the previous fight we have this one. Dante and the rest of the devil-possessed from the Spade Kingdom were hyped up beyond belief. And they definitely lived up to that. Dante is op. Being able to use two types of magic is one thing but they’re two very powerful magic types. Before this Asta had a valiant effort and failed. Yami steps in and while he pushed Dante to the brink after surpassing his limits yet again. He knew he couldn’t finish it without Asta. Yami finally calling Asta by his actual name and telling him he needs his help is a top 3 moment in this show. Then you get to them fighting together in sync like they’ve been doing it their whole lives. The moment Yami passes his sword to Asta to finish off Dante solidified this fight as the best in the series.

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