The Best Moments from Attack on Titan Season 1!

With the final season of Attack on Titan about to air. I thought it’d only be fitting to look back on some of the best moments from each season of this series. Season 1 was hyped beyond belief while it was airing. Even though it’s hard for a lot of media to live up to its hype. I feel like the season definitely did. So many great moments that become even greater in the grand scheme of things. So let’s count down some of the best moments of season one. This list is in order based on which episode I’ll be talking about. Feel free to comment down below anything you feel like I missed and what you’re favorite moment from this season is!

#14 – Fall of Wall Maria

Episodes 1-2

Where it all started. The event that kicks off this amazing season is still a standout of the show. Our introduction to how the lives of the everyday normal people are and how that all changed one day when the world received a grim reminder. Seeing the titans rampage throughout the city, and the smiling titan eating Eren’s mom right in front of him was wild. Seeing the fear and uselessness in the people who are supposed to be protecting the civilians was a great way of showing that the majority of the civilization is useless against the threat that is the titans. The Colossal & Armored Titan’s attack and destruction of Wall Maria is an all-time moment in anime history. This event only becomes more impactful with reveals in later seasons.

#13 – Sasha Loves Potatoes

Episode 3

Probably one of the most notorious scenes in the show. Sasha getting caught eating a potato without a care in the world during training. A funny moment that characterized Sasha a lot and made her a fan favorite early.

#12 – The Struggle for Trost

Episode 4 -13

Fresh off of graduation Eren and his classmates are thrust into a major battle after the Colossal Titan suddenly appears in Trost. This entry encompasses a whole arc of the first season but there’s seriously a lot that goes on. We get a lot of action-packed moments. It felt like a real uphill battle from the start and the show did a great job portraying that.

#11 – Eren Gets Eaten

Episode 5

I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say, as a first-time viewer, this moment was beyond shocking. You rarely see the main character presumably die so early on in a series. What adds to this moment is just how gruesome it was to see Eren get eaten. Along with the fact we’ve seen what his motivation is (his mom got ate like a grape right in front of him ffs) and how he’s persevered to this point. Truly a shocking and gruesome moment.

#10 – Mikasa Backstory

Episode 6

How sad was this flashback? Mikasa is so protective of Eren in this series. Her only motivation is to protect him and hell her only lines in the series are saying his name. Crazy enough, despite that, she’s a great character and this moment dedicated to her backstory is a major factor of that. Slave traders killing her parents in front of her, Eren killing to protect her, and giving her the courage to fight. Which leads to her having to kill also. At such a young age it’s quite sad. With Eren wrapping his scarf around her to comfort her, we finally understand the dynamic between the two. Mikasa said it best “the world is cruel.”

#9 – Eren, Armin & Mikasa’s Plead to the Scouts

Episodes 8 – 9

Eren is a titan! As the battle of Trost continued a new titan started to rampage through the battlefield killing other titans, fast forward a few episodes, and boom it’s Eren! Now the group has to plead to the scouts that Eren is on the side of humanity. Man did this moment have me on the edge of my seat for every single second! Armin shows his expert wit during this encounter and the intensity doesn’t let up for a second. We also get a very rare showing of emotion from Mikasa after she finds out Eren is alive. The mystery of the titans grows tenfold with the discovery that Eren can transform into one and this moment directly ties into another great one later in the season.

#8 – Season 1 Basement Reveals

Episode 9

The basement mystery is dripped throughout season 1 through multiple flashbacks from Eren. The basement becomes important later on but the mystery is introduced strong this season. Grisha tells Eren that their memories will help him destroy the titans.

#7 – Armin’s Plan

Episodes 10 – 13

Armin once again using his big brain to solve the issue at hand. Which is sealing the hole leading into Trost. He schemes to have Eren transform into a titan and have the scouts cover him while he moves a boulder to fill the hole. Now this plan almost goes awry due to Eren not being in full control of his titan form. At the end of the day, the hole is sealed and the problem at hand is handled thanks to Armin.

#6 – Eren’s Trial

Episode 14

Eren’s trial was brutal. Levi is essentially torturing him to prove a point to the military police that he is in control of his titan form and can be an asset to them. But man is it hard to watch. At the same time, Eren brings up some great points concerning the Military Police and their true goals and who they are trying to protect. Something that gets explored deeper as the series progresses.

#5 – Female Titan Appears

Episode 17

A new challenger appears! Another abnormal titan shows up during the scout’s mission. Dispatching two scouts with ease then approaching Armin and taking off his cloak before it runs off. Armin deduces due to the Female Titan killing and not eating the other scouts. That she is looking for somebody, presumably Eren. The group’s desperate attempt to figure out a way to slow down the titan and also relay this information to the rest of the regiment lead to Reiner rushing in and almost getting killed by the Female Titan. After which, she starts heading in Eren’s direction. Another moment in season 1 that’s good, but becomes great as the plot unravels in the later seasons.

#4 – Scouts vs. Female Titan

Episodes 17 – 22

The power of the Female Titan vs the cunning of the scouts led by their leader Erwin is on full display. The tactics used to try and immobilize the Female Titan was fun to watch during the forest scenes. We get our first glimpse into how Commander Erwin Leads. But the Female Titan knows what she’s doing. She expertly escapes capture then eventually kidnaps Eren before their final duel. The mystery around her identity and motives is so fascinating. It showed how strong this series is at building suspense on top of a complex mystery. Also in episode 22, we get to see how OP Levi is, and that’s always a treat to watch.

#3 – Annie Exposed

Episode 23

An all-around tense episode. Armin successfully figures out Annie is the Female Titan and draws her out. The whole conversation between Armin and Annie was tense, it felt like she might transform at any moment. With the group surrounded by scouts in disguise, the plan to capture the Female Titan almost went down without a hitch but she still ends up transforming. This episode had a lot of strong dialogue and we also get a glimpse into Annie’s psyche.

#2 – Eren vs. Annie

Episode 25

Eren vs. Annie is a great fight. They put all their scout training to use and it’s a blast to watch. Seeing Annie use her martial arts skills in titan form is cool. Eren seemingly in a rampage gets the upper hand, gruesomely smashing the Female Titan’s face in. Annie’s desperate attempt to escape ends in failure as she cries before Eren in titan form. It gives her enough time to crystalize her real body. On top of that, the Female Titan’s body merges with Eren’s titan. An epic ending battle to conclude the season that someone managed to bring about a slew of emotions. Ranging from hype to disgust, to somehow empathy for Annie.

#1 – The Epilogue

Episode 25

In my humble opinion, this is still the most iconic scene in this series. After all the events that we’ve seen go down. After all the questions that we’re left with. Another one (and a big one) arises in the final seconds of season 1. There’s a titan in the wall! Wow, did this build hype for what’s to come and the 4 years wait for season 2 was rough after this but boy oh boy did it not disappoint.

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