My Top 10 Favorite Anime of All Time!

So the day I’ll be posting this will be my birthday. I decided that I want to keep up with how my favorite anime change from year to year. Throughout the years, while there have been a lot of mainstays on my list, the order is always subject to change. Sometimes I think back and re-watch scenes from one of these shows and it just raises it higher or lower on my list. I won’t be deep diving too much into some of these shows. This is just more of a starter list for me to build on for the years to come. So mostly it’ll be quick points on why I love these shows. Feel free to comment your list down below, and I’ll most likely be doing my worst list sometime down the road.

Honorable Mentions

All of these are great, and any one of them could honestly make it in the top 10. As of now though, they sit just right outside that 10th spot.


– HxH (2011)

– Made in Abyss (series)

– Neon Genesis Evangelion

– Re:Zero (series)

– Vinland Saga

– Banana Fish

– Assassination Classroom

#10 – From the New World

25 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Fall 2012 – Finished – MAL Rating 8.25 – Genres: DramaHorrorMysteryPsychologicalSci-FiSupernatural

Starting the list off is an anime that is truly one of kind. From The New World is one of, maybe even the best, coming of age stories and mysteries that I’ve ever watched. The storytelling in this show is nothing shy of amazing. Every detail matters. The show introduces a very compelling moral dilemma in this post-post-apocalyptic war. The ending of this anime is perfect. The questions and answers that it raises, will forever stick with me. As will this anime as a whole.

#9 – Code Geass

2 Seasons – 50 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Fall 2006/Spring 2008 – Finished – MAL Rating 8.72/8.91 – Genres: ActionMilitarySci-FiSuper PowerDramaMechaSchool

Code Geass is awesome. I love mechs and I love cool power systems with smart characters. This show delivers on all of that. The story is great, the characters even more so. This anime holds some of my favorite moments in any form of media. Especially the ending. Seriously the end of Code Geass is my favorite ending in all of media. It’s just so perfect.

#8 – Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

64 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Spring 2009 – Finished – MAL Rating 9.20 – Genres: ActionMilitarySci-FiSuper PoActionMilitaryAdventureComedyDramaMagicFantasyShounen

Amazing world-building. Compelling characters. A unique power system. FMA:B has all of that and more. The show that springboarded me into the wide world of anime. I’m due for a re-watch. But Edward, Al, and the gang will always have a spot in my heart. This show as a whole has been a mainstay in my top 10 ( it was #1 for a long time), and it will continue to be.

#7 – Parasyte

24 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Fall 2014 – Finished – MAL Rating 8.40 – Genres: ActionSci-FiHorrorPsychologicalDramaSeinen

I will always love Parasyte’s unique take on the alien invasion story. The growth of the main character Shinichi and the alien inhabiting his hand Migi is written wonderfully. The story brings up a lot of moral dilemmas and complex situations. While some find the ending lackluster. I thought it was good enough and doesn’t bring down this phenomenal show.

#6 – Cowboy Bebop

26 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Spring 1998 – Finished – MAL Rating 8.78My Review – Genres: ActionAdventureComedyDramaSci-FiSpace

My most recently watched show on this list. Cowboy Bebop is a classic. The style of storytelling and cast of characters is S tier. I could seriously watch hundreds of episodes revolving around this crew just going after bounties. The consistent movie-like quality of each episode is paired with fantastic use of music. I instantly (well after my 3rd time trying to watch it) fell in love with Cowboy Bebop.

#5 – Darling in the Franxx

24 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Winter 2018 – Finished – MAL Rating 7.34 – Genres: ActionDramaMechaRomanceSci-Fi

There are few anime that instantly hook me. The majority of the anime on this took a few episodes or even a few seasons before I got it or until I loved it. But not Darling in the Franxx. This show instantly captivated me with its cast, world, and animation. Zero Two and Hiro have one of my favorite on-screen relationships. The animation is top-notch. This is also another unique take on a coming-of-age story in a post-modern world. Ultimately, the character’s chemistry and growth instantly hooked me and I’ll forever regard this show highly. Also, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed the ending.

#4 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (series)

5 Seasons – 152 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Fall 20212 to Fall 2018 – Finished – MAL Ratings 8.06/8.12/8.45/8.51/8.61 – Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Vampire, Shounen

JoJos is the wildest piece of media that I’ve ever consumed. I genuinely feel like anything can happen in this series and that’s why I love it. The power system that was introduced in the 3rd season is nothing short of great. The battles are very fun and strategic. It’s also very refreshing to get a new setting a new cast of characters (and sometimes some returning faces) every new season. Each new main JoJo is a joy to watch and grow with. I’ve used the word unique a lot on this list. But there isn’t anything like that in this show.

#3 – Fate (series)

4 Seasons & 2 Movies – 50 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Aired Fall 20211 to Spring 2019 – Finished – MAL Ratings 8.34/8.59/8.22/8.33/8.26/8.59 – Genres: ActionFantasyMagicSupernatural

Fate/Zero to Fate Stay/Night: UBW to the Fate Heavens Feels movies. Unfotable has consistently put out the best animation ever in my eyes. All of these shows look stunning. Crazy enough, that’s just the cherry on top. The Fate series has a very interesting world and way of telling its story with branching storylines. Fate/Zero is a fantastic prequel that sets up the world perfectly for the successor iterations. A magical battle royal that has magicians and their summoned servants fighting each other is just fun. Especially when those servants are prominent historical and/or folk tale characters. Fate also tells a very compelling moral and emotional story with all of its iterations. It’s pretty much the perfect package, but there’s two more anime that I like more.

#2 – Attack on Titan (series)

5 Seasons – 68 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Currently Airing – Watching – MAL Ratings 8.48/8.44/8.59/9.10/9.17 – Genres: Action, Military, Mystery, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

Attack on Titan is a masterclass in storytelling and suspense. The various mysteries of the show are perfectly foreshadowed and executed. I feel like I could watch this show over a thousand times and still miss a few details. This is a brief explanation but it’s hard to point out specifics when I love everything about this show. Season 5 has been stellar too. This could honestly be my #1 and quite frankly it’s a very close contest. Ask me next Sunday and I might change my tune.

#1 – One Piece

931 Episodes – Dub/Sub – Currently Airing – Watching – MAL Rating 8.51 – Anilist Rating 85% – Genres: ActionAdventureComedySuper PowerDramaFantasyShounen

One Piece is such a wide-spanning grand adventure it’s hard not to fall in love with it. The world is so vast and the cast is amazing. I’ve been following Luffy and the Straw Hats for about 6 years now and it has consistently brought me enjoyment through that time. Oda’s storytelling is great and the power system that is devil fruits is so cool. This show has had me deeply invested for a very long time and I’m very much looking forward to continuing to see how this story and world unfolds in the future. The fact that this show has been going for 20+ years is just greatness. Yeah, the pacing gets bad (I highly recommend One Pace. Especially post-time-skip) and the animation is shaky at times. But the story, storytelling, characters, and just overall atmosphere more than make up for all of its downsides. I’m in it for the long run with One Piece and I’m sure Oda will not disappoint.

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  1. You’re absolutely right about DitF. It will engage you immediately. For it to get as goofy at the end as it does and for me to still stick with it says a lot about its ability to engage the viewers’ attention. All great choices!

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