An Okay Side Story – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Anime Review

Run-Time: 1 hr. 36 min. – Studio: Bones – Dub/Sub – Aired: Aug 3, 2018 – Finished – MAL Rating: 7.56 – Genres: Action

I didn’t have high expectations for this movie, but after watching it, I can’t help but being left with the feeling of wanting more from MHA’s first foray onto the big screen. What I hoped would be a story that gave us some insight into All Might’s early days as a hero across the seas in America, ended up being kind of that but more so just a meh hour and 35 minutes runtime that felt like filler.

The best part about this movie is All Might. Easily my favorite stretch is the beginning where it shows All-Might in America during his early days as a hero and his relationship with David. Young All Might at full power is just so hype. I’ve mentioned before how great all eras of his costumes are and just in the general the costumes in the show. That’s one aspect of MHA that it really nails. So it was cool to see the early days costume and also find out that David actually made every era of All Might’s costume. That was cool.

I-Island is also an interesting setting. It looks gorgeous with a cool layout. It was funny hearing every students excuse that the writers came up with to justify them being on the island and in the movie. And there were some fun bits like the villain competition. Also, I’m lowkey a big Godzilla fan so I was kinda fan-boying when they showed the Godzilla hero.

Melissa, being quirkless is an interesting angle to take, given Midoriya’s prior situation. The support item she makes for him is so awesome and a great excuse to have him go all out and use all of one at a higher percentage. Support items in general are a great concept that I haven’t really given the story its credit for. But I really enjoy their addition.

With this being a movie, as expected, the animation is top-notch, but it’s also not as much better than I was expecting. Like if you look at most anime movies for shounen series, the animation is above and beyond. I’m talking Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Gintama: The Final, Naruto The Last and many others. Where yeah, the main series had their amazing moments of looking peak, but the movies push it even further. This one really didn’t. The climax was great, though. Double Detroit smash was awesome.

Speaking of what this movie didn’t really do, is keeping my attention really. Outside of the All Might backstory stuff and kind of the climax, nothing here really moved me. Dare I say, it was almost boring. Like it was cool to see some of this stuff, but the plot twist with David orchestrating everything was so predictable and the double plot twist of Magneto dude (seriously I don’t even know his name) double crossing him was even more so. All for One’s involvement was a welcome surprise, though.

I just didn’t care about the majority of what happens in this movie. All-Might is incapacitated for most of it until he finds the chance to break free and have an awesome moment. Really, he carried the movie. Even the reason David did all this because his research on quirk amplification while sort of interesting. I feel was just done way better, albeit in a different way, in season 4 with Overhaul and Eri. It was sweet that he did it for All Might, but at the of the day; it didn’t really move me like I wish it did.

So yeah, I always try not to dive into what ifs and just talk about what my eyes saw before me. I can’t help but wish that this movie or more movies in the future just solely focused on All Might at really any point in his hero days. Early, bronze, silver, golden era, any era. With the main series focusing on Midoriya’s rise to #1, it’d be nice to see the adventures of his predecessor or hell, even just other heroes in general. There’s a lot that can be done with that. But as it stands, what I watched in this first MHA movie was just okay.

My Hero Academia Two Heroes – 6/10

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