A Spectacular Follow-up – Space☆Dandy 2nd Season Anime Review

“Second season of Space Dandy.

Space Dandy is a dandy guy, in space! This dreamy adventurer with a to-die-for pompadour travels across the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever laid eyes on. Each new species he discovers earns him a hefty reward, but this dandy has to be quick on his feet because it’s first come, first served! Accompanied by his sidekicks, a rundown robot named QT and Meow the cat-looking space alien, Dandy bravely explores unknown worlds inhabited by a variety of aliens. Join the best dressed alien hunter in all of space and time as he embarks on an adventure that ends at the edge of the universe!” – MAL Synopsis

Episodes: 13 – Studio: Bones – Dub/Sub – Aired: Summer 2014 – Finished – MAL Rating: 8.26 – Genres: ComedySci-Fi

The second season of Space Dandy was everything I came to expect from this series and more. Coming off watching the first season’s 13 episodes long episodic romp, I lamented how it was the perfect show for me at the time. This is a very welcome case of taking what was already great and building upon it vastly.

This season of Space dandy is more of the same, but better. While I really enjoyed my time with the first season. There is not a single episode of this one that I didn’t like and the vast majority of them I absolutely loved. Pretty much from episode one till the end, every episode was a 9 or 10/10. With highlights such as “There’s Music in the Darkness, Baby”, “The Big Fish Is Huge, Baby”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dandy, Baby”, “A World with No Sadness, Baby”, “Lovers Are Trendy, Baby”, “An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby” and “Dandy’s Day in Court, Baby” being my absolute favorites. I know just named like half of the season but those episodes are seriously amazing and that’s not to discount the other ones that were great too.

There were two things that stood out to me as to why I love this season and those episodes in particular so much. The first is how this anime plays on real scientific concepts in a goofy and fun way. This was definitely a thing in season one but it felt more noticeable here with episodes diving into string theory, parallel universes, the flow of time, and warping just to name a few. The second, and most major, is the direction of these episodes. I feel like that’s a talking point that can get lost when talking about anime or animation in general but just like in live-action direction is oh so important. So when it’s really good in an anime it’s super noticeable and appreciated. The 80s romcom scene set to a synth-heavy track in the Scarlett episode and the talk about warping in the ex episode is easily some of my favorite anime scenes ever thanks mainly to the direction of those scenes. They were brilliant.

Dandy & his connections with other characters continue to be amazing. Every interaction he has with side characters and specifically Scarlet & Johny is all amazing. Those two pairings specifically have some great chemistry and it’s on full display this season. Nobody really stands out as just some amazing character but they’re all just really good. Across the board, whether it be the main trio or the side characters or just the characters that show up for one episode or hell even one scene. They all just ooze personality. It’s easy to tell how much fun the writers and voice actors had with every character here.

Again the animation and art style are spectacular. Bones outdid themselves once more. I already spoke on the direction but there are a lot of beautifully animated scenes and some art style switch-ups that are sprinkled in too which are great. I think back to “The Big Fish Is Huge, Baby” episode that at times looks like how they would animate old folk tales. The music was great last season and it’s even better here. The rock n roll, the 80s inspired synth-pop, among others. This is easily one of my favorite soundtracks in anime. And finally, the voice acting on the dub is great and star-studded as usual. Johny Young Bosch voicing Johny was a really funny sort of meta-joke.

So yeah Space Dandy season 2 is everything the first season was and then some. I really enjoyed the first season and I absolutely love this season. For 13 mostly episodic episodes there was only maybe one that I was lukewarm on and the rest were pretty much stellar. I’m kind of sad that it’s over. This was a blast to watch and I will definitely be rewatching a good handful of these episodes as the years go on. This was a spectacular follow-up to what was already a fun show.

Space☆Dandy 2nd Season – 9/10

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