I started this blog in early Fall 2020. Back then, I didn’t know what I wanted to write, but I knew I wanted to write something. I wanted to practice and pursue what was a newfound passion at the time.

So I created this blog that has gone through a lot of different looks over these past two years but has always primarily been for anime and manga content. Focusing on writing about another passion of mine was a surefire way to keep me invested in this blog and keep me writing. But ever since the beginning, I’ve always wanted to write about more than just those two topics.

I’ve come close to creating completely separate, brand new blogs to cover those topics but never did. Then finally, recently, I decided for a few reasons to turn this entire blog into what it was originally for. Just me writing and talking about things I love.

I still love anime/manga and it will forever be a giant part of my life, but as you can see from the dates of my posts, the rate at which I’ve consumed that content has severely slowed this year. It’s been 3 months since my last post.

In that time I started watching a lot of movies again. I started writing even more. My love for books has been reignited in a big way. The music I’ve been consuming is different. Just overall life is changing and there’s more that I want to talk about on here instead of just anime/manga.

So this is the new look. A blog for me, about me and everything I love, everything I want to talk about and discuss. I’ll still talk about anime/manga as I watch it, I made a promise to myself two years ago to review everything I watch and I intend to stick to that but on top of that, I’m going to be talking about everything else that interests me.

I’ll also be posting my writing, like my short stories and poetry, maybe more.

Even though I’m broadening my subject range, everything will pretty much be the same. It’s been a fun two years doing the HaruKafe stuff, but it was time and I can’t wait for the future of this blog.

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