15 Spring 2021 Anime to Look Forward To!

It’s crazy how quickly Spring is coming upon us. It feels like just yesterday the Winter anime season started. Fall 2020 gave us Jujutsu Kaisen, another Haikyuu!! season, Akudama Drive, and many other strong sequels and first-time shows. Followed up by one of the most hyped anime seasons. Winter 2021 hit hard with Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, and many other great shows. It’s looking like this upcoming anime season is going to be pretty good in its own right. Particularly this season looks very strong with first season anime. I’m very excited to see how a lot of these shows shape up. So today I’m going to count down the 15 anime that I’m personally going to be keeping an eye on this season! This list isn’t in any hard order, but the anime closer to the top I’m definitely going to watch. Either while it’s airing or binge it afterward. Enjoy!

#15 – Knights of Sidonia: The Star Where Love is Spun

Type: Movie – Studio: Polygon Picture – First Episode Air Date: May 14th – Genres: ActionSci-FiSpaceMechaSeinen

Continuation of the Knights of Sidnoia story. An original story supervised by the mangaka.

#14 – Odd Taxi

Type: TV – Studio: OLM & P.I.C.S – First Episode Air Date: April 6th – Genres: MysteryMy Score: 10/10

“In a city which should be familiar, there is the feeling of something a little different.

Kotokawa is a taxi driver who lives an ordinary life, taxing some quirky customers around. A slightly eccentric stranger who has no relatives nor any relations with other people, Kotokawa’s hobby is to listen to Rakugo on the radio before going to bed. For the time being, the only people he can consider as friends are his family doctor Gouriki, and his high school classmate Kakihana.

Kabasawa, a college student who wants a buzz, Shirakawa, a nurse who’s hiding something, comedian group Homo Sapiens, who isn’t selling well, the city hoodlum Dobu, and the rookie idol group Mystery Kiss—the conversations with these people, which should not have meant much, lead to a girl who disappeared.” – MAL Synopsis

#13 – Zombieland Saga: Revenge

Type: TV – Studio: MAPPA – First Episode Air Date: April 9th – Genres: MusicComedySupernatural

Second Season of Zombieland Saga.

“”Idol animation with a new meaning where legendary girls revived as zombies through space-time and save Saga prefecture as idols

Gathered from several different eras, a group of legendary girls have become zombie idols to save Saga Prefecture. The return of this groundbreaking zombie idol anime! One day, Sakura Minamoto loses her life in an unfortunate accident. Ten years later, Sakura awakens in a strange mansion where producer Kotaro Tatsumi explains that she will join a group of legendary girls to form an idol group. The seven girls were given the mission to save Saga prefecture as Franchouchou, and after overcoming the difficulties generated by being of different ages and eras in history, their undead zombie bodies allowed them to challenge all the limits of what an idol can to be. During the final winter of the Heisei era they held their first concert at the Karatsu Arpino, taking another step towards becoming legends. Now, in the modern Reiwa era, the curtain rises on a new chapter in Franchouchou’s history as they move toward a bright, hope-filled future.” – Season 1 Synopsis

#12 – Megalo Box (Season 2)

Type: TV – Studio: TMS Entertainment – First Episode Air Date: April 4th – Genres: ActionSci-FiSlice of LifeSportsDrama

Second season of Megalo Box.

“”To be quiet and do as you’re told, that’s the cowardly choice.” These are the words of Junk Dog, an underground fighter of Megalo Box, an evolution of boxing that utilizes mechanical limbs known as Gear to enhance the speed and power of its users. Despite the young man’s brimming potential as a boxer, the illegal nature of his participation forces him to make a living off of throwing matches as dictated by his boss Gansaku Nanbu. However, this all changes when the Megalo Box champion Yuuri enters his shabby ring under the guise of just another challenger. Taken out in a single round, Junk Dog is left with a challenge: “If you’re serious about fighting me again, then fight your way up to me and my ring.”

Filled with overwhelming excitement and backed by the criminal syndicate responsible for his thrown matches, Junk Dog enters Megalonia: a world-spanning tournament that will decide the strongest Megalo Boxer of them all. Having no name of his own, he takes on the moniker of “Joe” as he begins his climb from the very bottom of the ranked list of fighters. With only three months left to qualify, Joe must face off against opponents the likes of which he has never fought in order to meet the challenge of his rival.” – MAL Season 1 Synopsis

#11 –  Moriarty the Patriot (Season 2)

Type: TV – Studio: Production I.G – First Episode Air Date: April 4th – Genres: MysteryHistoricalPsychologicalShounen

Second half of Youkoku no Moriarty.

“During the late 19th century, Great Britain has become the greatest empire the world has ever known. Hidden within its success, the nation’s rigid economic hierarchy dictates the value of one’s life solely on status and wealth. To no surprise, the system favors the aristocracy at the top and renders it impossible for the working class to ascend the ranks.

William James Moriarty, the second son of the Moriarty household, lives as a regular noble while also being a consultant for the common folk to give them a hand and solve their problems. However, deep inside him lies a desire to destroy the current structure that dominates British society and those who benefit from it.

Alongside his brothers Albert and Louis, the trio will do anything it takes to change the filthy world they live in—even if blood must be spilled.” – MAL Synopsis

#10 – Eden’s Zero

Type: TV – Studio: J.C. Staff – First Episode Air Date: April 11th – Genres: ActionSci-FiAdventureComedyFantasyShounen

“At Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park, Shiki has lived his entire life among machines. But one day, Rebecca and her cat companion Happy appear at the park’s front gates. Little do these newcomers know that this is the first human contact Granbell has had in a hundred years!

As Shiki stumbles his way into making new friends, his former neighbors stir at an opportunity for a robo-rebellion… And when his old homeland becomes too dangerous, Shiki must join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship and escape into the boundless cosmos.” – MAL Synopsis

#9 – Fruits Basket: The Final

Type: TV – Studio: TMS Entertainment – First Episode Air Date: Arpil 6th – Genres: Slice of LifeComedySupernaturalDramaRomanceShoujoMy Score: 10/10

Final season of Fruits Basket.

“Tooru Honda has always been fascinated by the story of the Chinese Zodiac that her beloved mother told her as a child. However, a sudden family tragedy changes her life, and subsequent circumstances leave her all alone. Tooru is now forced to live in a tent, but little does she know that her temporary home resides on the private property of the esteemed Souma family. Stumbling upon their home one day, she encounters Shigure, an older Souma cousin, and Yuki, the “prince” of her school. Tooru explains that she lives nearby, but the Soumas eventually discover her well-kept secret of being homeless when they see her walking back to her tent one night.

Things start to look up for Tooru as they kindly offer to take her in after hearing about her situation. But soon after, she is caught up in a fight between Yuki and his hot-tempered cousin, Kyou. While trying to stop them, she learns that the Souma family has a well-kept secret of their own: whenever they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, they transform into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

With this new revelation, Tooru will find that living with the Soumas is an unexpected adventure filled with laughter and romance.” – MAL Season 1 Synopsis

#8 – To Your Eternity

Type: TV – Studio: Brain’s Base – First Episode Air Date: April 12th – Genres: AdventureSupernaturalDramaShounenMy Score: 9/10

“It, a mysterious immortal being, is sent to the Earth with no emotions nor identity. However, It is able to take the shape of those around that have a strong impetus.

At first, It is a sphere. Then, It imitates the form of a rock. As the temperature drops and snow falls atop the moss, It inherits the moss. When an injured, lone wolf comes limping by and lays down to die, It takes on the form of the animal. Finally, It gains consciousness and begins to traverse the empty tundra until It meets a boy.

The boy lives alone in a ghost town, which the adults abandoned long ago in search of the paradise said to exist far beyond the endless sea of white tundra. However, their efforts were for naught, and now the boy is in a critical state.

Acquiring the form of the boy, It sets off on a never-ending journey, in search of new experiences, places, and people.” – MAL Synopsis

#7 – Godzilla Singular Point

Type: TV – Studio: Bones & Orange – First Episode Air Date: March 25th – Genres: Action

“This series features an original story, which depicts the young geniuses Mei Kamino, a female researcher, and Yun Arikawa, a male engineer, as they take on an unprecedented threat with their companions. When danger comes up from the depths, only young geniuses Mei, Yun, and their team can face the threat in Godzilla Singular Point!” – MAL Synopsis

#6 – 86

Type: TV – Studio: A-1 Pictures – First Episode Air Date: April 11th – Genres: Sci-FiDramaMy Score: 7/10

“The Republic of San Magnolia.

For a long time, this country has been besieged by its neighbor, the Giadian Empire, which created a series of unmanned drones called the Legion. After years of painstaking research, the Republic finally developed autonomous drones of their own, turning the one-sided struggle into a war without casualties—or at least, that’s what the government claims.

In truth, there is no such thing as a bloodless war. Beyond the fortified walls protecting the eighty-five Republic territories lies the “nonexistent” Eighty-Sixth Sector. The young men and women of this forsaken land are branded the Eighty-Six and, stripped of their humanity, pilot the “unmanned” weapons into battle…

Shinn directs the actions of a detachment of young Eighty-Sixers while on the battlefield. Lena is a “handler” who commands the detachment from the remote rear with the help of special communication.

The farewell story of the severe and sad struggle of these two begins!” – MAL Synopsis

#5 – SSSS.Dynazenon

Type: TV – Studio: Trigger – First Episode Air Date: April 2nd – Genres: ActionSci-FiMecha

he project is part of the shared Gridman Universe media established in 2018 after the 1993–94 tokusatsu series Gridman the Hyper Agent by Tsuburaya Productions.

#4 – Tokyo Revengers

Type: TV – Studio: LINDENFILMS – First Episode Air Date: April 11th – Genres: ActionDramaSchoolShounen

“Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is at an all-time low. Just when he thought it couldn’t get worse, he finds out that Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend, was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang: a group of vicious criminals that has been disturbing society’s peace for quite some time.

Wondering where it all went wrong, Takemichi suddenly finds himself travelling through time, ending up 12 years in the past—when he was still in a relationship with Hinata. Realizing he has a chance to save her, Takemichi resolves to infiltrate the Tokyo Manji Gang and climb the ranks in order to rewrite the future and save Hinata from her tragic fate.” – MAL Synopsis

#3 – My Hero Academia (Season 5)

Type: TV – Studio: Bones – First Episode Air Date: March 27th – Genres: ActionComedySuper PowerSchoolShounen

Fifth season of My Hero Academia revolving around the Joint Training Arc.

#2 – Shadows House

Type: TV – Studio: Aniplex – First Episode Air Date: April 11th – Genres: Slice of LifeSupernaturalSeinenMy Score: 8/10

“Faceless shadow nobles living in a vast mansion, attended by living dolls who spend much of their time cleaning up the soot endlessly emitted by their mysterious masters.

Follow the story of Emilyko, a young and cheerful living doll, as she learns her duties serving as the attendant for Kate Shadow-sama.” – MAl Synopsis

#1- Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood

Type: TV – Studio: Bakken Records – First Episode Air Date: April 7th – Genre: ActionHistoricalSupernaturalMy Score: 7/10

“Set in alternate history Japan in 1931 and the 64th year of the Meiji era, the Tokugawa shogunate was never abolished and Emperor Meiji was never restored to power. The anime will follow the activities of “Nue,” an organization of shogunate executioners who enforce the government. The country has developed its own energy source, the “dragon vein,” and has achieved a unique development in which science and the Edo period are mixed.

However, behind the glamorous city, the dissident organization Kuchinawa strives to overthrow the administration, while the Nue of the Tokugawa regime, who was entrusted with its extermination, are in conflict. Sawa Yukimura, whose family was killed when she was young, continues to search for Janome, the executioner of the Nue.” – MAL Synopsis

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  1. Happy, as in Fairy Tail? I saw this in MAL already and I wondered about that. Eden’s Zero made my watchlist because of that!

    Shadows House, 86, and Odd Taxi are the primary ones I’m looking forward to. Oh, and Zombie Land Saga 2!!!! I absolutely cannot wait for that!

    1. I think he just has the same name cause its the same author lol. But I haven’t read the manga so who knows.

      Also I’m really looking forward to Shadows House Too! That Odd Taxi trailer peaked my interest a lot as well. Its going to be a good season for sure.

        1. Uhhh. Probably like a 7, maybe? I’ve really liked every season so far but theres just a lot of anime/manga that I’m planning on watching/reading. So I probably won’t watch it as its airing. Still looking forward to it tho, and it’s probably going to great.

          1. I only started finding it somewhat interesting in this past 4th season. I know it’s wildly popular though, so I’m always trying to probe why that is. Thanks for the input!

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